Posted on December 7, 2016 3:29 pm


Subject : Please use this format: (“NAME OF COMPANY” – “The Problem“)

Priority Levels : Please use “Normal” for all issues, “Elevated – Critical” are internal priorities for submitted tickets.

Category : Please select the most relevant type to your support ticket problem.

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TIP: A Screenshot of the problem really helps, to take a screenshot, you only need to use the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard.  Pro Tip:  Holding the ALT + PRNT SCRN keys will screen capture the focused window.  “When I do press the print screen key, nothing happens…”   No problem!, because what the PRNT SCRN key does is captures the screen into the ‘clipboard’ memory Windows\Mac\Linux.  You can “Paste” (CTRL + V) what is in the ‘clipboard’ memory in to MS Paint or Paint or MS Word, any program that can use the ‘clipboard’ memory.


  1. Screen grab  PRNT SCRN  (ALT + PRNT SCRN)
  2. Open Paint (MS Paint, Corel Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc)
  3. Paste grab  CTRL + V
  4. Save
  5. Upload to this form.