Posted on February 21, 2013 10:26 pm

Help Desk

  Welcome to our Help Desk page, keeping the process simple below is a two part form.  Select the “Submit new ticket” button to create a new support request.  You can also lookup existing support tickets to see the status of the service request.  Select the category which pertains to your ticket issue and for fastest results, use your name to look up your Support Ticket Request.

 Some tips with submitting helpful support tickets

  Please include as much detail of the problem you are experiencing. Include some steps you take to encounter the issue, and what steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot the problem. (Normally, we already have a list of your office’s computer and network systems  setup. It does help to include relevant information of which computer you are experiencing problems at.)

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 When submitting a new Support Ticket, please be as detailed about the problem as possible. Also tell us what you have attempted to recreate the problem and any troubleshooting you have done before submitting a support ticket.

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If remote support is necessary, be sure you have TeamViewer running.


Download, Install and follow the setup instructions.

We will ask for your Partner ID when you are ready.




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